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Sample our lunchtime menu or alternatively try the evening à la carte options at the Equus Restaurant. Prepare to be dazzled by the exquisite Creative Mediterranean Cuisine of our chef in the old stables of this historic palace.

Equus RestaurantCreative mediterranean cuisine

Sample our lunchtime menu or alternatively try the evening à la carte options at the Equus Restaurant. Prepare to be dazzled by the exquisite Cuisine Gourmande of our chef in the old stables of this historic palace. With room for 50 diners, Equus also has 2 dining rooms and offers the possibility to reserve for intimate events.

Sample our lunchtime menu or alternatively try the evening à la carte options at the Equus Restaurant. Prepare to be dazzled by the exquisite Cuisine Gourmande of our chef in the old stables of this historic palace. With room for 50 diners, Equus also has 2 dining rooms and offers the possibility to reserve for intimate events.


The Equus Restaurant is situated in the heart of the city’s old town, just a few minutes walk from the main Palma de Mallorca attractions.

Carrer de la Concepció 26, Palma de Mallorca
07012 Balearic Islands

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The dishes at our Equus restaurant are designed to transport diners back to the origins of gastronomy, to the roots of fine dining and creative mediterranean cuisine. Our menu includes a variety of emblematic mediterranean offerings in which traditional and delectable ingredients predominantly feature. From classic recipes including Artichoke mellow rice with glazed sweetbreads and a touch of lemon thyme or sea bass over a quinoa medley. Served with squid tagliatelle and peas to innovative cooking techniques, our head chef uses an ample selection of resources guaranteed to produce mouth-watering results.

And, of course, we also offer a carefully selected wine list which features an extensive variety (sparkling, French white, Spanish white, rosé, red, etc.) of top quality wines (Dom Pérignon 2006, Son Mayol Grand Vin 2014, Auras 2009, amongst others).

Our Maître D’ and waiting staff will be happy to accompany you on this adventure in sight, smell and flavour. Welcome to the Equus concept.